Become a Trail Steward!

The Three Village Community Trust’s Friends of the Greenway initiated the Adopt-a-Trail Program on the Setauket to Port Jefferson Greenway in 2015. Service as a Trail Steward has been very important to the Three Village and Port Jefferson Station communities.

This is still a young program in the early stages of development and, with your help, we hope it continues to grow as a community-based effort for an ever improving Greenway.

Our Adopt-a-Trail Program: Adoption of the trail is a one-year commitment running through the calendar year. We will ask if you wish to renew your participation at the end of the year. If you are unable to remain active in your service to the Greenway, simply contact the Friends of the Greenway by e-mail to Be sure the subject line states “Greenway Adopt-a-Trail.”

Here are the general guidelines for our participants:

1.       As a trail steward of the Greenway, visit your section as often as possible. Maintain the area much like you would your own backyard. Keep the area free of litter and debris.

2.       Keep a log of your time and activities on the trail. Include any problems or issues you encounter.

3.       Alert the NYSDOT, Town or Trust of any problems or issues on the trail. Contact information will be provided to you.

4.       Trim, prune, and mow the corridor as needed. (Our commitment to DOT is to keep only 3 feet on either side “mown”).

5.       Make recommendations to the Friends of the Greenway for the enhancement of your section (contact or

6.       As a Trail Steward, you are encouraged to involve your friends, family and neighborhood in the maintenance of your section. Community participation is an important part of preserving and protecting the Greenway.

7.       Any major physical changes to the Greenway - benches, tree planting, etc. - needs the approval of the Friends of the Greenway, the Three Village Community Trust and the New Your State Department of Transportation.

8.       In some cases, due to the size and difficulty of a section, two or more groups may be assigned to a section.

9.       Help supervise the monthly volunteer clean-ups in your section whenever possible.

Participants in the Adopt-a-Trail program are recognized by a posting in our kiosks and are invited to our Annual Fundraiser in November for special recognition. We recommend that you join the Three Village Community Trust. 

We thank you for your commitment to improve the community!