The Setauket to
Port Jefferson Station Greenway



When the first phase of the Greenway opened between Gnarled Hollow Road and Sheep Pasture Road several years ago, no one could imagine how popular the trail would be to area residents. Almost immediately, bicyclists, walkers, joggers, and parents with baby strollers filled the trail.

And now, with Phase II completed, the trail is bigger and better with a greater variety of wildlife, terrain and vistas. The Greenway winds through county parkland, century-old farmland, picturesque woodlands, established neighborhoods, an old growth forest, dormant factories, and even an abandoned sand mining site. With about 3.5 miles of multi-use paved pathways, the Greenway is the longest of its kind in Suffolk County.

The Greenway has something for everyone. Runners and joggers find the changing elevations and length of the trail challenging. Many bicyclists use the path as a link to a greater number of destinations. Commuters to the east and west of the trail have an alternative method to get to work. Pet owners have a place for their leashed companions to get lots of exercise. And since careful consideration was given to make the trail handicapped accessible, it is able to accommodate residents with special needs. And families visiting this Greenway can be sure the kids get their hour of recommended daily exercise.

Enjoy the trail!