Hawkins House Restoration

The Hawkins Homestead got a beautiful new cedar shingle roof on its north side. Also gutters were installed and front windows restored, many fitted with old "wavy" glass. Front and back porch repairs and interior restoration have begun and will continue in 2019.

Photos: Robert Reuter

Photos: Robert Reuter

Rear view of Hawkins showing new roof and porch.


Decking completed with linseed oil finish pre-applied to all surfaces- plan to leave natural. Nice application with proper
fitting beneath trim and tight to siding- very good craftsmanship. It’s a bit precious at the moment!


John Savastano, restoration carpenter and John Cunniffe, TVCT architect reviewing structural repairs at Hawkins House- floor in front of fireplace in the dining room. John has carefully removed floor boards for replacement. To the right is fir decking for front porch, prefinished with linseed oil. 


Completed rear porch and steps.