About TVCT

You already know that you live in a unique area – a place with a “small town” feel,
surrounded by harbors, wetlands, wooded hills, and farmland.

Now you have a chance to help plan its future.

The Three Village Community Trust is a  local initiative,
a not-for-profit land trust, founded in 2003.

What is our vision?

• Acquire and restore sites and structures that contribute to our community identity
• Protect our natural resources by preserving wetlands and shorelines, green spaces and farmland
• Create a legacy for future generations.

What is the aim of the Trust?

Conservation and preservation are integral to sound land use planning.  The Trust organizes education and planning workshops to help identify our community’s needs and aspirations.  “Envisioning” the future is the best way to create a coherent plan for our community—one where you can walk safely, support local businesses, and enjoy parks, opens spaces, and well-cared-for historical structures.

Who forms the Trust?

You do. And people like you. A Founders Committee – a group of dedicated residents who have long been active in civic affairs – drew up the by-laws, a mission statement, and articles of incorporation.  Six of the current Trustees were Founders.   

Our most important task, however, is to draw in members from people who live or work in the Three Villages.  The skills and expertise of many people will be essential to create the future we want.

Why another group?

There has been no organization in the Three Village community created for the specific purpose of facilitating “community-based planning” and to acquire properties for conservation and historic preservation that are valued by the community.  The TVCT is a not-for-profit entity chartered to receive donations as well as public and private grants to foster planning and community preservation, and to acquire land and historic structures.

What is a land trust?

A land trust is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to protect and conserve land and sites – farmland, parks, wildlife habitats, and historical structures – from inappropriate development or neglect, through acquisition of property or interest in property.  Since the 19th century, national, regional and local land trusts have played an important role in protecting our natural, working and built resources.   The success of the model has resulted in an enormous growth in the numbers across the nation and even other nations and in the increase in acres preserved since the 1970s.

What are the benefits?

Simply joining the Trust means you help safeguard natural and working lands, give historic sites and buildings new life, and help shape the future of this unique area.  You may also donate land or set up a conservation easement that allows you to retain ownership while preserving its natural resources.  Either would create a priceless legacy for your family and community.


How does a trust conserve land?

A land trust may receive donations of property or interest in property or it may purchase property itself.  It may help property owners set up easements that define (and limit) future land use, or it might acquire or purchase development rights from individuals and public or private groups.